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Things To Do: Hotel Robinsson Place

One can do activities like Mountain Climbing, Rappelling, Bird Watching and Mountain Bicycling. One of the best treks is to Lamhanga Waterfall located some 5-7 km from Mukteshwar.

One can visit Mukteshwar Dham, the Shiva temple

Mukteshwar is most famous for its wonderful 180 degrees view of the snow-capped Himalayas, best seen in autumn and spring.

Trek through the forests. Though the trekking paths are absolutely great, it is not advisable for families with kids to trek in the dense forest, as you may not п¬Ѓnd anybody
in the trekking path.

One can visit lakes such as Sat Tal, Naukuchiya Tal, Nal Damyanti Tal, Garur Tal. All lakes are within 10km of radius from Bhimtal & Nainital.

Awesome scenery can be viewed from Chauthi Jali. It is beautiful and exciting with a straight drop of about 2000ft. This is a great place to observe eagles and other feathered scavengers as they swoop down at their prey.

Hotel Robinsson Place